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Should your website have a blog?

Blogging is where we started out, through our Discover Deal project we’ve gotten to meet clients and put our name out there in our local town. Our blogs for clients have been successful in bringing in more website traffic and boosting sales. You might be thinking, your small business doesn't need a blog. Here are 6 reasons why we think otherwise.  

It drives customers to your website.

If you offer a useful or interesting service on your blog people will seek it out and return to you on a regular basis. Scheduling regular content is the key to growing an audience that’s easily convertible into customers.

It's free advertising.

It’s a great resource to promote what’s great about you and what you offer. A blog can be a way for you to showcase new products or to show off customer reviews. It’s a direct link between you and your customers, so use it well.

Adds personality to your brand

If you strike the right tone of voice your company can come off as friendly and helpful. Adding a sprinkle of your personality can make your brand come alive and make people want to interact with it.

Shows your knowledge

Show off your insider knowledge through your blog. For example, if you run a holiday company, mini-guides to the local area and insider lists of things to do helps out customers and proves your credentials as an expert.

It makes you easier to find.

Link to other websites on your blog, by giving recommendations or tips. The backlinks help improve your positioning on search engines and draws more attention to your website.

Converts visitors into customers

Use your blog as an opportunity to become an online salesperson. The hard sell is often tough for people to swallow, but the right approach can be really effective. Create a sales funnel by telling people why they need your service or products, then create a link or button that directs them to purchase- making the process easy and simple for the customer. (See below)

All that remains for us to do is to follow our own advice! Get in touch if you’re interested in our blogging services. Whether it’s getting you set up online or producing regular content, we can tailor something to suit you.

Do you still need professional help?

There are many reasons you can't run a blog yourself, from not having time or a complete lack on knowledge.

We can help you overcome these hurdles with our simple, we have a lot of experience in producing quality content that can engage your audience and can radically increases profit with little up front investment.